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some of the country's biggest corporations. experts tracking them to hackers in china. peter doocy with details from washington. what's the latest? >> we got specifics from the chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman mike rogers who says the chinese are stealing intellectual property of americans companies. they take an america company as idea and create a chinese competitor without spending time or money on research and development. the congressman says there's nothing we can do to stop it. >> i have never seen such a prolific, exponentially growing problem that the united states isn't prepared to handle. the chinese coming into our networks, stealing blueprints, taking it to china and the economy competing in the international market. >> the white house promised that president obama is putting pressure on the chinese to cut it out. >> i tell you that we have repeatedly raised our concerns at the highest levels about cybertheft with senior chinese officials, including in the military, and we will continue to do so. >> for their part, a chinese foreign ministry sp
on security issues. gordon, what was your reaction when you discovered that china is taking on a bigger role here than we first believed? >> we have known they have attacked american networkings. the attack on the times was a tipping point in public opinion in the united states. we have to remember just as early as in which of last year, the senate turned down a cyber security bill. i don't think they would do that in the wake of the revelation of new york washington poist and all major media organization. >> do you think more have been compromise we just don't know about it? >> every network has been compromised. the chinese have gone after every defense and pentagon net work and large mgo's because the chinese want to undermine the institutions of a free society and they have tried to undermine the united states for more than a deck on --- decade. >> and the chinese government denies being engaged in this activity. but at the same time what can the united states do when it comes to holding china accountable for these types of actions? >> one thing we shouldn't do is have the treaty that se
under this doctrine. >> you are not going to say china is lighter in terms of taxation. chinese state owns the whole country. that is why they are low tax society. this country is capable of great discipline. >> as far as discipline it would be left someone that is honest i'm going to cut spending. we have to take some pain at some point. there is a limit how much we can tax ourselves. >>> take away some of this mortgage interested deduction. >> neil: he pays for homes in cash. you seem upset. forget about getting on the wrong side of the super hero. it's this family you have would worry about. the simpsons might have a ride at universal theme park in orlando but they are about to be taken for a ride. >> hospital please. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and t
with knowledge of the attack says it appears to have originated from china. >>> republicans took a stand this week, filibustering former senator chuck hagel's nomination. one of those taking some heat after the vote is senator rand paul who has his eye on a possible 2016 presidential bid. the move is putting him at odds with some of his most ardent supporters, the tea party activists. how are this impact his future political career? joining us is chris, the host of power play, which airs weekdays on fox chris, thanks for coming in on a saturday. >> you know. anything to talk -- anything to get the 2016 speculation started. why wait? >> let's get the ball rolling. first, let's look at a quote from a statement that rand paul issued shortly after he helped put on hold some of these cabinet nominations. he said, quote, i believe there are standards in both policy and background that go beyond mere disagreement and go to the sustainability -- the suitability, i should say, of the nominee to perform their job. that's why i have placed on hold the nomination of john brennan to serve a
margin, that means 75% of the dollar you spend is going to their manufacturers, who are in china, india or some other place that produces low cost goods. so, a dollar spent at wal-mart only provides about 25 cents to our local economy. and that's why the tax rebates, the last four that we've seen, over the last 12 years, really doesn't work. so i'm the into the concerned, really, about those types of spending, there are some other things happening in the economy that are, you know, very encouraging to me. >> what are some of those? >> i'm just not that concerned. >> what are some of the things that are encouraging to you. we could stand some encouragement now? >> well, and this is something that you have to actually listen to my premise here, but eye energy prices are actually good for the country. you know, we don't have much manufacturing in the u.s. anymore, but the local mining industry, which is energy production in this case, is local, and it's something that not only produces high paying, live changing jobs in the energy producing areas, but it also makes available the funds to a
to mark the lunar new year. china ushering in the year of the snake. >>> nice show in beijing. jobs and the economy over here remain a top concern for many americans. most americans. so the president will have their full attention when he delivers his state of the union address on tuesday. it's expected that he'll focus on plans to create jobs and to boost the economy. a brand-new fox news poll showing that 40% say the worst of the recession is over. but a majority, 52%, are afraid that the worst is still yet to come. brad blakeman was deputy assistant to president george w. bush, state department consultant and contributing writer and so nice to see you both. thank you for being mirror. >> thank you. >> rick: the word leaking out that the president's really going to focus on jobs and the economy in his speech tuesday night and i think to a lot of american, they're probably asking what's taking so long? >> i think he has introduced the americans job act. we contact forget that. but he has three jobs on tuesday night. he needs to focus on jobs and be very specific. he needs to engage
think there is a little bit of a nixon goes to china aspect of the drone situation. i mean, there are truly people on the left, i think, who would be raising cane, except that it's their president, our president. but there is a line, rick, as you say, between the use overseas to target terrorists who are not american citizens in most cases, and what kind of procedures and safeguardses are going to be in place if they use these mini drones in your neighborhood or mine. >> rick: the john brennan, whose confirmation has been held up by a number of senators, he says the administration has no intention of carrying out drone strikes inside the u.s. but that doesn't exactly sound like a solid no to me. what do you think? >> well, i'd like to believe that's true and i expect that that's their feeling at this point. but as you pointed out, there are all these licenses being given out to first responders and local departments. it's not just the administration potentially, at least, that's going to have this weapon in its hands. so you have to ask yourself, okay. if they need a warran
on a number of fronts, afghanistan, iran, china, sequestration in we will face huge cut that have to be done smartly in the defense budget. i have no faith and he is a republican. i'm a republican. i don't feel --. >> i want to jump back on north africa. there is a fundamental, beyond hagel, a fundamental problem. the president's real policy is not necessarily that of panetta and clinton. we watching the president move to his natural position which is really wrong which the country doesn't understand back to the point that democrats are going to have a problem. he is way left and i think that is why he wants hagel. >> secretary clinton by all accounts was far more aggressive in supporting the libyans, and undertaking the syrian opposition and taking on terror in north africa than the president has been. bottom line, what pat and john spoke to, they are right: there is a huge, huge division in democratic ranks that republicans have not explained. secretary panetta, he spoke directly to these issues in his outgoing interviews and spoke of the need to protect the defense budget. >>gregg: is it
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)